Rep the Clan

Grandpa Dean was a Real Grand Father. Quiet and pensive, he always sat and watched. He was from the era of Men. And in that era he was the Chieftain. Wounded World War I Battle Veteran born to farm the land as if he was the Master of Corn surveying the millions of his subjects from the porch of his Minnesota farm house.

Grandpa Dean was a legend to me. Intimidatingly tough, roughhewn rock exterior, but shockingly soft and patient, especially with the animals. Well that is except for the Cats. He told us in the calm voice of a man that had weathered many storms that the cats all “got lead poisoning.” As a young boy full of fire and spit I thought that was the funniest thing. My brother and I went to visit him one summer just the two of us, I think I was 9 or 10. It was awesome! We rode horses and 4 Wheelers, we played cowboys and soldiers. We worked hard. I don’t think l ever saw Grandpa Dean smile once, but I knew he was happy. He was proud.

Ten years or so later I came to prison. It was obviously a huge disappointment to all of my family. I was the one bad apple from a giant tree of award winners. Prior to prison I was a soldier. Like my dad and mom. Like some uncles and like my Grandfather. They were proud of me, but that was short lived.

Several years into this Life Sentence my Grandpa came down to visit me. He came with my Grandma and some other family members. At one point during the visit Grandpa Dean and I were mostly alone, the rest had gone to the vending machines or were engaged in other things. He leaned in my direction to break the silence with a single question. “You been in any fights?” he asked dryly. He seemed to be surveying my face for scars. So with a small smirk I replied, “a couple.”

Grandpa Dean cracked the smallest of smiles then. The conversation was over. Everybody came back to the table. I’m not for sure, but I bet he was thinking, “My grandson may be in prison but he is not a coward.” It looked like he was proud of me again. That was the last time I saw him. But he is always with me.

Stoic Sinclair Chieftain your blood courses through my veins. Your eyes sit behind my face. Your heart, the Lion that rules the plains, the Thunder that rocks the sky, the Silence of Perfect Passion beats in my chest. And no matter where l am I will faithfully represent our Clan.

Christ and Family 4 Ever!



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