Against the Wind in Protest (part 1)

I have marked my life by nonconformity. By standing on my own and seeing who joins me. Staring down the abyss and pondering the enormity.

It has not always been the best tactic.

I have suffered more at my own hands than anything injustice could have handed me. Though I would not change a thing about my personality. It makes me who I am… So I stand

Against the wind in protest.
You shall not blow here!!

Sometimes it works, and sometimes I’m blown over. But I stand back up and lean a little closer. Like the ‘hood’ say l grip close my toaster and make my boast more hopeful.

Because what I stand for, I’m a man for. My family, my God, and my candor… and I can do, anything that I put my hand to. And I plan to..

Conquer this world in the end.

But first I take my stand against the wind. I hunch over my shoulders and duck down my chin. It’s like I’m power lifting boulders every time that I press in. Scraping for that inch! And…


Failure is flying at me, self-doubt whips with gale force. Scathing, screaming faces beat me back for sport. The arctic air of despair cuts me to my bones. The convection of pressure melts out all my hope.

Still I stand. Still I grope…

The wind whispers for me to give up. It screams for me to fall. It bellows against my eardrums, “Why are you here at all?

You are nothing, meaningless, foolish, and weak.”
I know that voice well. That’s the thunder of deceit.

I will not bow down to you, I will not give in. I redouble my effort and TAKE another inch. Many have fallen around me. A thousand at my right hand. But I am strength and nonconformity, a diamond in the sand.

I am unbreakable, unshakeable, untamable…

I. Am. MAN!!

So I stand,

Against the wind in protest.



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